New to the sailing market!

Windfoil, windsurfingfoil, windsurfing on the hydrofoil – happiness has many names.

The feeling is amazing – flying over water at really high speeds. You are going upwind very quickly, all the time flowing in the air.
This is another level of initiation for those who already do well with windsurfing.
We conduct windfoil lessons on the excellent equipment of the French company Horue, which is one of the most experienced in the production of windfoil equipment in the world.
We only teach individual lessons – one instructor with one student.

Students are required to have planning skills in harness and footstraps as an introduction to windfoiling.



How many hours the course takes? 3 hours 5 hours
What is the price? 135 € 200 €
When does the course start? we set it individually with you
How big are the groups? classes are 1 by 1 with instructor
Equipment needed for classes included in price

During the course, depending on your skill level, we will teach you proper movement techniques in Windfoil. We pay attention to safe behaviour especially during water sports – for classes you will get all necessary windsurfing equipment and a life jacket.

Check it – it can be You !