We professionally give happiness – especially for you we create a dream holidays. The tool for this is physical activity. We specialize in windsurfing and skiing.

In the summer – you can meet us in Croatia in Omis, where we have a windsurfingschool and  also windsurfing and SUP  rental. Windsurfing is freedom and joy. The feeling of movement due own skills and wind power is magical. In addition, windsurfing is very simple and does not require much physical fitness. In the first lesson in Tramontana, you’ll be sailing alone.

Winter is a time of white madness. Every season we take you to fabulous places in the Alps. The resorts we choose for family trips withTramontana are unique in many aspects. Those who take their first steps on skis, but also experienced downhill skiers will always find something for themselves. We always choose resorts were there are no crowds. We also organize training in Poland – we choose a place to meet the needs of students.

No matter of what form of activity you choose, we will take care of you. We teach children 3 years old on skis – 5 years old on windsurfing. There are practically no age limits!

Tramontana training combines professionalism with great fun.