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PhD in Physical Culture, graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. He graduated in physical education and physiotherapy. While still a student, he started working as an academic teacher mainly of subjects related to the methodology and theory of teaching movement. Skiing and windsurfing instructor. He is fluent in English and German. He always tries to infect his students with the "virus" of physical activity. Huge experience in working with children as well as young people and adults. Introduces a lot of fun elements in her classes. Lover of tiramisu, grilled meat, and food in general.


She graduated in tourism and recreation with a specialisation in air traffic services and is currently a marketing and sales student at Merito University. Kasia is a retired handball player, ballet dancer and stewardess. At Tramontana she is mainly responsible for handling correspondence, bookings and social media, while at Omiš you can also meet her in the role of receptionist or instructor. After hours, she is the chef of her own kitchen, a painter and a DIY enthusiast. You will speak to her in Polish and English.


Instructor of snowboarding and skiing, skiing since he was a kid. In the summer he was working at green schools and camps as a trener of survival, paintball and many other activities in the fresh air. He loves campings, nature and new challenges. He is a windsurfing instructor. His hobbies are kendama, various handmades and skating on longboards. He speaks Polish, English and German.


She graduated in Ethnology and Anthropology in the University of Łódź and a windsurfing instructor . Mostly she is into living with friends and traveling. She feels the most free in dancing and her biggest dream is travelling by camper and windsurfing in free time. In the winter she most likely spends time in the mountains. She loves reading books, psychology and photography. She knows that the evolution of psychics is the best way to combine with the evolution of physics, so she needs new experience. She speaks Polish and English.


He studies externally at the Warsaw University of Technology, majoring in construction, so he is happy to explain the ins and outs of the laser saw and advise on any construction work. Filip has a lot of experience as a receptionist, so there is no such thing as a no-go situation for him. His calm, personable approach combined with understanding makes people not want to stop talking to him. In the evenings, he walks kilometers in search of Pokémon. Filip speaks Polish and English.


Charismatic management engineering student at Warsaw University of Technology. She holds a patent and a VDWS instructor certificate. Travelling and skiing are just one of her many interests. Stretching, yoga and playing Sims in the evenings have a relaxing and calming function in her life. Marta has 3 signature poses for photos – cameras love her! She is fluent in English acting as an interpreter at the university and is also learning Italian.


A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Krakow working as a high school physical education teacher. Natalia helps her students build love to physical activity with dedication, vigilance and loads of positive energy. Through games and exercises, she engages everyone to move themselves. She will not only surprise us with her wide knowledge of windsurfing, skiing, snowboarding or fitness, but will also gladly share interesting facts about salt or take us to the dance floor and introduce us to the secrets of Małopolska folklore. Despite numerous activities and daily duties, she finds time to learn Portuguese. If you are in Krakow and a singing cyclist passes by, 99% it will be her. She conducts classes in Polish and English.


Student of WSB in Chorzów of tourism and recreation. Curious about the world, people and their culture. He imagines his future in being a traveller. Patryk likes physical activity in any form, always ready to takes on new challenges. In his free time, he draws and makes tattoos. The holiday sun is a source of uninterrupted smile and energy for him. He’s helping physically in the Tramontana base and also via the Internet.


A student of systems engineering at Wrocław University of Technology, she has been involved in sport since childhood. Karola holds a VDWS windsurfing instructor's licence, a skipper's certificate and a motorboat helmsman's certificate, so conversations related to any form of sailing are pure pleasure for her. The experience she has gained from working with people means that even travelling in foreign countries without a map and access to the internet does not frighten her, as she is extremely communicative. Beyond Polish language, she speaks English and Spanish.


Her passion for a healthy lifestyle, with the gym and water sports playing a major role, keeps her body and mind in perfect balance. Natalia is a graduate of the National Music School of the first and second degree and her main instrument is the piano. Her excellent organisation of work results in reliability in her activities, whether you meet her as a receptionist or instructor. Natalia speaks English and German and is also learning Spanish.


Graduated from IB high school in Cracow and is soon to study Science and Engineering at Maastricht University. She loves sports, and actively practices alpine skiing in the winter season and water sports in the summer. She has been windsurfing since she was six years old. Her adventure with a sailboard started in Omiš. She holds a yachtsman certificate and her latest hobby is kitesurfing. Positive and well organised. Open to people and the world. Speaks fluent English and has a good command of German.


She holds a degree in cultural studies from the University of Wrocław and is also a graduate of the Academy of Theatre in Warsaw at the Faculty of Theatre Knowledge. She is an English teacher who spends her free time with books. With Magda you will talk not only about literature, but also go cross-country skiing in winter, windsurfing in summer, of course, and cycling all year round. If you see a woman with her sleeves rolled up on the spot, know that Magda is taming the waves at the moment. She teaches classes in Polish and English.


Associated with sport since childhood, graduated from the Academy of Physical Education in Wrocław. Alpine and cross-country skiing instructor. He is happy to talk about books or discuss which film is worth watching. You can also hop on a bike with Tomek and go on a more demanding journey, for which he will be packed already few days before departure. A master of oatmeal cooking, witty jokes and a fan of streaming radio. He speaks Polish and English.


She lives in Split. She works at the reception desk at Tramontana and speaks Polish, Croatian, Czech and English. She loves cats, travelling and sweet baked goods. In the future she wants to dedicate herself to medicine and in her free time travel the world.


Student of financial management and accounting at the University of Warsaw. He has been training windsurfing since he was 10 years old and started working at the age of 15. PSW instructor, WOPR lifeguard and ski instructor in the winter. Always with a lot of patience maintains an individual approach to the student and each progress makes him very happy. Fan of Sport, Real Madrid and Star Wars. He teaches in Polish and English.


Dino Sudić is the electronics and computer engineering student at FESB in Split. He got addicted to windsurfing in 2014 when he bought his first windsurf equipment without ever trying to windsurf before, Multiple time national kickboxing champion with his latest passion for mountain biking. He loves action sports and physical activity in general. When he is not studying you will probably find him on the water windsurfing or descending from top of the mountain with his bike. Apart from his native croatian, he speaks english fluently sa well.


Recently he’s living and studying in Gdańsk. Enthusiast of every kind of sport - from skiing, rock climbing, basketball to windsurfing of course. He stood on board for the first time at age of 14 and after he reached the age of 18 he worked as instructor. He can’t stay in one place for a longer moment, so most of his saved money he spends on traveling. He speaks Polish and English.


A student of management at University of Gdańsk. Rock music and climbing enthusiast and above all windsurfing! He is 21, he started his adventure while he was 14 and trains from 4. An instructor who will not rest until at least a few new maneuvers appear on the student's CV. If he doesn't teach someone, he tries new tricks himself or at least discusses them. With him, you will learn very complex maneuvers that will take those who already thought that they could do everything to a completely different level of advancement. Jakub trains in Polish, English and German.


She aspires to graphic studies, with a lot of energy, a colorful person. She spends her free time on numerous journeys. Apart from graphics, paintings and drawings she interested in various water sports and skating. She “infects” everyone around with her passion for windsurfing. Kasia has already proven herself in many training centers, so now it's time for you to get to know her better. With a smile, she will teach everyone through the next stages of playing on a board with a sail. Kasia conducts classes in Polish and English.


She studied animal behaviorism in Lublin. A huge part of her studies was taking part in Erasmus + programm.
She loves the sea, sun, water sports and even looks like a surfer's girlfriend 😉 She got her first windsurfing course during Holy Communion.
Now, seeing her student swimming for the first time, she screams and claps so loudly that you can hear her in Split. He has a remarkable ability to win people over. Apart from the dog language, he knows English and Spanish.


A student of the Mechatronics specialty in multimedia technology at the Warsaw University of Technology. A Masurian sailor, angler and professional trombonist for years. Windsurfing has been sailing since the age of 14, a PSW instructor. He perceives every student progress as personal success. He likes working with children very much, where he combines learning and fun, thanks to which young windsurfers are willing to develop their skills. Teaches in Polish and English.


Antek, but he prefers his nickname Toni. Young, but very ambitious boy, who loves physical activity in any type. Antek fell in love with windsurfing and now he has also started his adventure with kitesurfing. He rides a bike a lot, walks in the mountains and enjoys travel. His passion is photography too. Don't be fooled by his age – Toni has a lot of windsurfing experience and he’s well organized. Apart from Polish he speaks English on a very good level.


He is a student at the I Highschool in Cracow in the math-physics-and-IT profile class anda student at State School of Music (2nd level) in the double bass class. He has been sailing on windsurfing and skiing since she was 8. She is also learning to snowboard. He is interested in pretty much everything and is always willing to engage in an evolving discussion. He speaks Polish, English and learns Italian.


Recently he’s living in Czeladź, full of energy and always smiling. Student with ambitions and goals in life. He is into sport since he learned how to ride a bike. From riding a bike or skis to boxing and airsoft. He loves animals and taking care of them. Since he was a kid he has been into the military. He speaks Polish and English.


Receptionist, storyteller, student of tourism and recreation. In my home workshop, he deals with artistic craftsmanship, creating things such as: kitchen tools, melee weapons, jewelry, leather products. If you ask for a graphic, he will do it too, but will not admit it.
In his free time he walks with a dog of the "Niżeł Śląski" breed. It is happy to absorb everything related to history and culture - music, movies, games, jokes, audiobooks and craft beer labels. He loves the Croatian atmosphere, cuisine and geckos. He is fluent in Polish and English.


Despite his young age, Maciek can boast such qualifications as a School Demonstrator's Licence from the Polish Ski Association and a Yachtsman's Patent. He is a graduate of the Sports Primary School No. 2 in Radlin and this would explain his wide-ranging interest in sport. If you want to discuss which knot is better, a clew knot or a double sheet bend, Maciek will explain and show you everything. Apart from sport, Maciek is interested in IT and programming and can repair minor hardware and software faults. He communicates in Polish and English.


She has been sailing on windsurfing since he was 8 years old. She teaches in Polish and English for several years, but can also communicate in German or Italian. By day, she studies dentistry, intensively trains crossfit and creates her own ceramics. An extremely positive person - she infects everyone around with her energy. The smile never leaves her face. She teaches in Polish, English and German.