PhD in Physical Culture, graduate of the University of Physical Education in Katowice. He completed physical education and physiotherapy. While still a student, he started working as an academic teacher mainly in subjects related to the methodology and theory of teaching movement. Skiing and windsurfing instructor. He is fluent in English and German. He always tries to infect his students with the "virus" of physical activity. Extensive experience in working with children as well as youth and adults. In class he introduces a lot of fun elements. A lover of tiramisu, grilled meat, Polish dumplings and generally food.


A graduate of Tourism and Recreation. Since childhood he has been associated with water sports - a multiple medalist of the Polish swimming championships. He can boast of: swimming trainer, water lifeguard, alpine skiing instructor. Extensive experience in conducting physical activities - thousands of hours worked in the water and on the ski slope. Has the amazing ability to be really laid back and at the same time super concrete and structured in actions. He communicates in English.


Julia Stypuła is a future psychology student in the Netherlands. Windsurfing and water sports enthusiast, future instructor. She loves animals. Julia lost her way back in Bangkok while traveling alone. She is planning a trip along the coast of Asia: Indonesia-Malaysia-Thailand-Cambodia-Vietnam, ending in New Zealand. In her free time, she deals with photography. She is fluent in polish and english .


Michał is a graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Gdańsk. Between the summer and winter seasons he lives in Gdańsk. Last winter he trained skiers in the land of snow - Japan. The experience gained while working in 8 countries around the world translates into great contact with students. He has been involved in sport all his life. He is also a tennis instructor. Pass on his passion for windsurfing in a light way. He enjoys the progress achieved by his students. He conducts classes in polish, english, and german .


She lives and studies art and new media programming in Copenhagen. For her, being an instructor is first and foremost a passion for windsurfing, knowledge and motivation. Going beyond the limits of your comfort is her motto. Can adapt teaching methods to any age and level of advancement. A smile rarely comes off her face and lessons with her will certainly not be boring! She communicates in Polish and English.


A student of the Mechatronics specialty in multimedia technology at the Warsaw University of Technology. A Masurian sailor, angler and professional trombonist for years. Windsurfing has been sailing since the age of 14, a PSW instructor. He perceives every student progress as personal success. He likes working with children very much, where he combines learning and fun, thanks to which young windsurfers are willing to develop their skills. Teaches in Polish and English.


Dino Sudić is the electronics and computer engineering student at FESB in Split. He got addicted to windsurfing in 2014 when he bought his first windsurf equipment without ever trying to windsurf before, Multiple time national kickboxing champion with his latest passion for mountain biking. He loves action sports and physical activity in general. When he is not studying you will probably find him on the water windsurfing or descending from top of the mountain with his bike. Apart from his native croatian, he speaks english fluently sa well.


During the year, a psychology student at the Jagiellonian University and a fitness instructor. However, as soon as she has the opportunity to replace the walls with water, she immediately turns into a windsurfer. For years associated with various types of sports, now combines physical and mental development. She likes cooking and dancing, and sometimes you catch her like on a wooden board doing the radio, singing under her breath. She conducts classes in Polish and English.


She is a student at the Medical University of Warsaw. In her spare time, she plays the flute, runs, practices yoga. She likes a healthy, active lifestyle. Agata is keen on pediatrics and enjoys working with children. She works in the pool as a swimming instructor. Agata is concrete person, focusing on details. Apart from using polish, she can also use english.


A graduate of Physical Education but also of International Relations. Still on the move with inexhaustible energy and motivation to work. For years associated with water sports - both as a lifeguard, swimming, sailing and of course windsurfing instructor. He gained experience mainly outside of Poland. He constantly improves himself and strives for perfection in everything he does. He connects great contact with people with an infinite dose of peace and inexhaustible patience. Classes in Tramontana, apart from native Polish, are also conducted in English, German and Spanish if necessary.


Engineer at the Warsaw University of Technology and the University of Ecology and Management in Warsaw. An IT worker on a daily basis. Together with a team of analysts, it conquers BI markets. Hobbies: skiing, sailing, diving and windsurfing instructor. He gained his instructor experience mainly outside of the country. A perfectionist in every inch. In the conducted trainings, it magically combines a detailed analysis of movement with great cheerfulness and a maximally friendly approach to everyone. In addition to Polish, he also conducts classes in English and German.


A student of architecture and protection of monuments, who loves to drop various curiosities during classes. Her favorite swimming style during classes - with one leg in the air or in the splits. Because of this, she happens after being wetter than the students. As a fan of the actor's song, the time in class is varied by singing melodies that later everyone humming unconsciously. She communicates in English and German.


A graduate of the WSB in Chorzów, tourism and recreation specializing in international tourism. At the Tramontana windsurf school, a constant smiling receptionist - maximally involved in what she does. In addition, very specific and organized. Passionate about physical activity. Every day she deals with capturing magic moments in an objective camera. You can freely talk in Polish and English.


Master in Tourism and Management. Apart from the fact that the skiing instructor and licensed tour guide is strongly connected with water. Has instructor qualifications: swimming, windsurfing. He is also a WOPR rescuer, yacht helmsman, and sea-going motorboat helmsman. If you ever get off the ship say in Vladivostok, you will not meet a Russian - the first person you will see will be Fidel. Because Fidel is everywhere. Always smiling and constantly on the move. Every now and then he changes two boards for a board with a sail, taking in kilometers by bike. He speaks Polish and English.