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Beautiful sunny weather almost always allows practicing water sports without or with shorty wetsuits. Average temperatures in summer are really high, which means walking around in shorts 24 hours a day. The sun tans very quickly here, so don’t forget about proper protection.


A great thing for those who just want to stroll in the water – depending on the tides, the range is from 200 to 400 meters from shore. This allows you to play safely on various types of swimming equipment. All of our courses are conducted in shallow water, which is especially safe during classes with kids. If someone wants to go further, there is no problem – further from the shore is really deep, but perfectly clear water gives the impression that the bottom is very close.


Omiš offers thermal winds that blow very regularly. Throughout the majority of the summer season, weather is very stable, that you can set your clock basing on the wind. In the morning blows the BORA wind – less stable, but often very strong, with shallow water. From 11 AM direction changes and the perfectly stable MISTRAL starts to blow in parallel to the shore. It’s peak around 1-4 PM allows slide swimming. Most of the time water is very shallow, which makes learning easier. However, if temperature changes occur, we can sail in Omiš in the winds – JUGO or TRAMONTANE. Both these directions are characterised by a lack of squalls and low waves.

Beach + Equipment

Everybody knows that even the most passionate sportsman sometimes takes a rest. A great place for relax is the sandy beach, where is Tramontana’s base.

Our equipment is proper for learning both 5-year-olds and adults, beginners and advanced surfers. Sizes of sails begin with small ones, with the total surface area of 0.8 square metre (ideal for small children) and end with more impressive ones, with the total surface area of 8.4. Boards start at the volume of 101 litres and end with 225 litres. Additionally our assortment includes waist harnesses, shorty wetsuits – everything tailored for children and adults.